Your Ultimate Guide To Asking A Girl Out

guide-to-asking-a-girl-outFor some men, asking a girl out can be a stressful task especially when they’re not so used to this kind of game. In fact, it may even take several times of constant practice before one can master this art. You may get some rejections at certain times even if you’re an expert but it’s all part of the experience. But once you are able to play it smoothly then you will surely be proud of what you’ve achieved, and it will surely boost your self-confidence in the process.

So for you lads out there who are still nervous about taking the first step then, this article will serve as your ultimate guide to finally confronting the girl of your dreams. Now is the time that you make a move before someone else does and regret it for the rest of your life. If you think you’re not yet ready, then don’t worry because we will cover every topic that is essential in building the best version of yourself.

How to build your confidence

Building your confidence is the first step to talking to girls because, without it, you’ll simply be scared stiff before you start making your way towards her. It’s important that you develop this skill first above all else because women simply love men who are confident with themselves. Without confidence, you can easily bore a woman to death, and there’s a chance that you won’t even make it to first base. So check out these tips we have prepared for you in becoming a confident man.

Lift heavy weights – There are many ways that lifting weights can do in boosting your confidence. The first one is that testosterone is released when you start lifting weights and when that happens, it flows through your system until you are able to get more drive that will push through the fear that you are feeling. The second one is that lifting weights will make you stronger thus making you feel confident about the way you look. As men, we easily associate strength with status and our brain will always compare our size to the other men that we come across.

Learn how to fight – One thing that you should keep in mind is that women don’t like to be or want to sleep with cowards. Women would want men who are strong enough to keep them safe always. If a woman knows that you can fight, then they’ll be more naturally attracted to you. Also, if you can defend yourself, then it will surely boost your confidence through the roof because no one will try to intimidate you ever again.

Dress like a champ – Women are always impressed with men who can wear high-class suits with confidence. In fact, they are attracted to men who can dress properly because of how it shows that they have class. For your sake, you should try stepping out of your comfort zone regarding how you dress so that you can get used to the feeling. Don’t stress about how people will think of the way you look because it’s your outfit to mind and not theirs. You should get used to your new way of dressing up and be proud of how you upgraded your appearance.

Master the pose of victory – According to science, your posture affects your level of confidence. To change that, you should project a pose for your body that emulates power because it will increase your testosterone and decrease your level of stress. Even though you may not get used to these poses for a while but you will eventually be after a couple of practice. You can practice in front of the mirror and be able to master it after several tries.

Conquer your insecurities – Is there anything that’s stopping you from achieving your highest level of confidence? If there is something that you’re afraid of, then you should conquer it right away. This is something that will bother you a lot not only in achieving your highest level of confidence but in other things as well. So it’s ideal that you find out what your insecurities are and deal with it as soon as you can.

Stop listening to music that will sabotage you – If you are listening to the kind of music that makes you think that girls are way out of your league, then you should put a stop to it right away. Your unconscious mind is powerful and can have some significant influence over you. This means that you can be easily influenced by the type of music that you listen to especially on the kind of ideas it implies. If you think that the music may be good but the lyrics aren’t then it means that you should start to reconsider. So go ahead and change to something that’s more encouraging and to something that won’t change your true perspective about women.

Visualize Success – World Champion Athletes always visualize success so that they can lead themselves to victory. If that is the case, then you should do the same as well, but only this time, you should visualize success as the woman that you want to end up dating. You can bring out the positive side within you, and you will feel the adrenaline rush all over your body. It will only make you confident with your approach, and you will be surprised that you are able to do whatever you thought was entirely impossible for you.

Get Centered – If you start feeling a bit rattled before your approach then it’s time for you to get grounded and centered. You can take long, deep breaths to achieve this. It’s ideal that your exhale is a long one because this is the process where your body relaxes the most. The most recommended exhale should last about 5 seconds so do that during your breathing exercise. Another way that you can do it is by bringing your thoughts back for a moment. You should stop worrying yourself about things that pertain to her such as what she will say, if she has a boyfriend, if she will like you, etc. Just focus on the moment and don’t let those negative thoughts take hold of you.

Destroy the fear through action – There will come a time that you just must do it to know it! This is where things will unfold once you have pushed yourself out of the comfort zone. Every time you approach a woman that you like, you will surely get scared, but through that process, you will also cultivate courage and confidence. Just know that it’s okay to get scared at first but once you bypass that, you comfort zone expands thus making something that whatever once was a difficult task, now an easy one. Make sure that you are willing to push yourself into action because once you do, all that fear of approaching a woman will now be gone.


The processes that were written before this are sure to increase and push your confidence to a whole new level. It’s one of the few things that every man should do first before they get into the real stuff of approaching women. If you have accomplished this process and ready to move on to the next one, then it’s time to talk about the next set of guidelines to make you become an even more confident type of guy.


Improve Your Sense Of Fashion And Style


Now that you have improved your level of confidence, it’s time that we talk more details about the way you dress. Having a good sense of fashion is something that women admire in most men. The way you dress will provide a positive impression on women especially if you are wearing something that creates a statement.

Keep in mind that fashion and style is one way of showing your identity and project something that will enhance a woman’s interest in you. To start, here are the things that you can do to change and enhance your sense in fashion.

Untuck your shirt – If you are wearing a collared, button-down shirt, then it’s not ideal to tuck that in because that simply goes out style nowadays. Keep in mind that the fashion trend back in the days is not always the same as the ones that we have right now.

Get rid of that t-shirt – If you are wearing a white t-shirt under a dress shirt then don’t do it anymore because that style dates back into the 80s. To let you know, this style only screams that you lack sexuality. You can try to undo the top 2 button of your shirt and reveal your chest. If ever you have some chest hair bulging out, then you should get rid of that first.

Acquire some ornamental shirt – Funky shoes, rings, earrings, neck-chains, scarves, hat, wristbands and much more are something that you should acquire. Whatever it is you feel like as long as it is ornamental, make sure that you acquire it because it is considered to be a sexy accessory. If ever you feel undecided about which ornamental style or stuff you should acquire, you can take inspiration from movie stars, rock stars, and other men dress so that you’ll have an idea of what to look for.

Wear fitting clothes – Even if you buy an expensive shirt, but it doesn’t fit you well then it’s considered to be a total waste. A loose shirt is something that won’t be too attractive to ladies. Take time to research and invest on fitting shirts that look flatter on your body. If possible, follow our advice to constantly keep your body well-toned so that you’ll look even hotter on the fit shirt that you’re wearing.

Remove the excess hair – If you see that your eyebrows seem like they’re touching each other, it’s a good sign to shave or wax them to form a separation. Hair that is sticking out of your nose and ears are also a turn off so make sure to have those removed as well. If you plan on letting your sideburns stay, you should have them on a neat line and well-defined at the same length on each side. Also, a majority of women disagree with chest hairs, but this sometimes varies. Just have some of your lady friends assess if the chest hair suits you or not.

Squelch acne – The first thing that you have to do if you still have acne is for you to see a dermatologist about it. As for acne scars, you can consider laser skin care or just put makeup on it depending on which one suits your budget. If you want, have a female friend help you out in buying a cover up stick and some powder to let those pimples vanish during your night agenda.

Whiten your teeth – This is a cheap and easy thing to achieve. Make sure to go to your dentist if your teeth are yellowish instead of just settling on white strips.

Workout – If you want to really get that girl that you like then don’t make excuses for working out. It’s probably the best advice that we can give because a fit or a well-toned guy is something that girls would want.

Glasses – Wearing glasses can look sexy on some men. However, that depends if you need them or not. If ever it doesn’t suit you, but you really need glasses, then you can switch to contacts instead.

Relax – If you followed our advice above then you’re all set in meeting women. You shouldn’t worry about this anymore, and the best thing that you can do right now is to be confident with the transformation that you went through. Girls will notice the change, and you will soon see some eyes set on you. So relax and let nature take its course on the changes you made to yourself.

These changes may be new to you so just embrace it whenever you can. It may take some time of getting used to but you will surely appreciate it once you do. Also, now that you’re done with the necessary changes, it’s time to move on to the next topic which is how to approach women so read on.


How To Approach A Girl

With all these buildups, it’s finally time for you to learn how to approach a girl with the preparations you made for yourself. Of course, it may be nerve-racking for first timers especially if it’s your first time in doing it. However, you should also note that if you’re making yourself scared, then you’re also making it hard for yourself. Just take a deep breath and be confident that you’re going to do it.


So without further ado, here is our advice on how you approach a girl right.

Walk tall – Since confidence is necessary when you want to approach a girl, you need to project some sort of a gesture to show that you are. The best way that you can do this is by walking tall. You can do this by standing up straight and show a manly grit when you walk. Since this is your first time, you can get inspiration on how to do this by observing some of the good-looking men such as those that belong to the entertainment industry. This will certainly be a great start on your approach with women, and everything else will just follow through. Even if you are not that confident at first, this gesture will surely make up for it. Also, make sure to practice this first at home before trying it out there for you to see how well you’re nailing it.

Approach right away – Has there been a time where you think to yourself if a woman noticed you or not? Well, guess what? She did! This is probably one of the best reasons why you need to approach the woman that you want right away. If you wait for a lot of time before doing this, then you’ll appear as creepy at worst or maybe unconfident at best. To avoid the negative impressions, take a deep breath, compose yourself, and walk over to her. A lot of men fear the rejection, but you’ll never know it unless you try. For you to experience the success of an approach, you should approach them first. The sooner you do it then, the better.

approach-right-awayAvoid overthinking – The great thing if you approach the girl right away is that you save yourself from the natural occurrence of overthinking things particularly on how you’re going to make your approach. There should be only one specific goal when you want to approach a girl, and that is to engage in a conversation. Once you get the conversation started, it will spark some interest between the two of you, and will eventually make her want to talk to you even more. Consider your conversation as some sort of a sales talk wherein you’re not trying to make her fall in love with you but rather get her interested in wanting to talk to you even more. It is also recommended to engage the conversation on topics that are playful, light, and content-free banter.

Use body language – When talking to your guy friends, you simply aren’t facing each other dead on. This is the same thing that you also don’t want to do when you’re approaching a woman. It would be best to make your approach on her side, or at the very least, you can try pivoting there after your initial approach. You can go talk to her over your shoulder, turn in when you talk, and eventually be turning just a bit away when she does. This talking approach will make everything look natural rather than the “job interview” style wherein it’s something that most men use when they approach a girl that they like.

Asking for her number – If you are doing your approach on broad daylight in public or any other place than a club or bar, you simply would want to get her number as fast as you can. So how exactly do you do this? Once you have gotten her interested and have her full attention, you should ask her number politely so that you two can set up a date next time to know each other more. Let her have your phone to accept her number. After that, you should text her with something humorous such as “This is Mike, the hottest dude you’ve seen all day. ”. A text like that will make her remember you immediately and make you not a boring person to hang out with.

Those are the basics when approaching a girl and trust us, they work! It may be a bit of a tense experience at first, but you will eventually get the hang of it. If ever it doesn’t work at first, it shouldn’t stop you to try again.

BUT, before we wrap this up, we have one more tip to help you achieve success with your approach, and that is how to keep the conversation flow smoothly. A great conversation could mean everything in building rapport with the girl that you like. Read this final tip to help you with your approach even further.


How To Keep The Conversation Flow Smoothly


Take this tip as a bonus from us because we wanted to make sure that your approach is a successful one. This one will surely take the cake for you because if you can keep the conversation going then, you are sure to gain the girl’s interest even more. Use this advice in order to a smooth conversation.

Start things off by inviting her to talk – A great opener for a conversation is something that has to do with the scenario. When you approach the girl, make an observation of the scenario and base your invitation to the circumstances. To help you understand this, don’t talk to her about something that pertains to astronomy when she’s shopping for shoes. It will prevent an awkward intro and may get her attention immediately.

Go ask some questions – You must show that you are interested in her but at the same time, you should also decide if she’s worth your interest. You will know this by asking some basic questions and through that, you will know if she’s got those things that you seek from a girl. Having great questions will have her thinking, laughing, and eventually like you.

make-yourself-look-goodMake yourself look good – Apart from keeping the conversation going, you should also be aware of your good composure. You must always show yourself at best to make the conversation even more interesting.

Accept pauses – There will always come the point where you have nothing to say during a conversation considering that you’ve just met each other and that’s totally okay. Accept the fact that pauses are normal during a conversation since it also happens even when you’re talking to someone close to you. You can make her comfortable during these breaks by using it deliberately even when you’re doing your speech.

Keep things light – Avoid diving into topics which you think can make her uncomfortable or offend her. If possible, avoid making gossips about other people because it may give off an impression that you’re not genuinely nice.

Maintain your attention on her – By doing this, you are letting her know that she’s important to you. Don’t let the spotlight shine on you all the time but rather focus your attention on her. It will make her feel special when she’s talking to you, and it will show your interest in her.

If she has to leave, end on a good note – You should end on saying that you enjoyed your talk with her and that you are happy that you got to know her. If there’s a connection and you feel like a next date is needed, then don’t hesitate to ask for her number. Make sure to text her the next morning saying “Good Morning!” and that you enjoyed her company the other day. This will tell if she also has an interest in going out with you again.

So, there you have it! We hoped that everything we covered in this topic would get you set up for a good approach and a good date. Make sure to follow every step with dedication and precision to ensure that your approach will be a successful one. Good luck!




How to Boost Your Confidence to Look More Attractive

There are some days where you feel like you’re at the top of your game while there are also days when nothing feels alright and you think that you’re worthless. If that is the case, you might be curious as to how you can always...


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How to Boost Your Confidence to Look More Attractive

There are some days where you feel like you’re at the top of your game while there are also days when nothing feels alright and you think that you’re worthless. If that is the case, you might be curious as to how you can always...



How to Boost Your Confidence to Look More Attractive

There are some days where you feel like you’re at the top of your game while there are also days when nothing feels alright and you think that you’re worthless. If that is the case, you might be curious as to how you can always...